By: Brady

Basic info

Giraffes are under the classification mammals so that means that it is a vertebrate. They are also warm blooded. Their body covering is fur all around their body. The Giraffes predator is the lion. Giraffes walk on their 4 legs.


The giraffes habitat is in Africa on grassy savannas. Giraffes shelter is traveling in herds. Giraffes food is leaves, twigs, fruit and bushes. Where giraffes get their water from water holes, rivers or lakes.

Life cycle


Giraffes have very strong hoofs to kick away their predators to keep them safe. Giraffes have very long necks to help them get the leaves off of trees to help them survive.

Interesting facts

Giraffes have blue and black tonges to help them strip the leaves off of the trees.They can kick away their predators by kicking them with their feet.Giraffes can run 30 m.p.h. Their calves drink their mothers milk from her belly. Diffrent kinds of Giraffes live in diffrent parts of the world.Giraffes are herbavores which means that it only eats plants and friut.

Food chain