Don't change for anybody

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Leo: Leo is an 11th grade student/Hot Seat producer. He meets a different girl named Stargirl and he has a crush on her.Stargirl: Stargirl is the new girl at Mica High and at the beginning of the year people like her but as the year progresses the student body starts to hate her.Archie: Archie is a retired school teacher. Leo and Stargirl go to Archies house when they have problems and he gives them advice.

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My favorite part of the book is when Cinnamon was on Leos shoulder licking the crusty stuff on his ears

Pg. 24 The bleachers screamed back "EEEE!". Pg. 24 Finally they marched to the sidelines. Pg. 25 People in Phoenix must have heard us buzzing. Pg. 62 He was squirming. Pg. 99 She jabbered constantly in my ear.


        Stargirl is the new girl at school and at first people think she is different and people like her but as the story goes on they start to hate her. At the beginning Kevin wants Leo to ask her to be on Hot Seat. When she agrees to be on Hot Seat the jury (audience) scream at her saying hateful things why they dont like her.        The student body shuns her. They do not talk to her and they do not look at her. After the Octillo Ball she dissapears for 15 years.


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