Home of the Heat

A Tour At Miami, Florida

Saturday, May 10th, 10am-7pm

Miami, FL

Miami, FL

Welcome to the world of Miami, FL .

A tour of the most beautiful State will be held at the 'HistoryMiami' Museum.

We will also visit the 'Lowe Art Museum' located on Coral Gables on the beautiful University of Miami, Where we will visit the school right after the museum.

Our Next and finale stop will be at Miami Heat Basketball court where we will do a Rsvp basketball open house of the players so they can meet you all and talk to you all about Miami!

10:00 am - visit the 'HistoryMiami' Museum

1:30 pm - visit the 'Lowe Art Museum'

3:00 pm - visit the University of Miami, FL

5:00 pm - See the Miami FL Heats basketball players

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