Articles of Confederation

Module Three Lesson One Practice Activity

Advantages of the Articles of Confederation

Some of the advantages/strengths were it was able to build and control an army, it was a unified army for all the states, and it had the ability to deal with foreign countries on behalf of the states.

Disadvantages of the Articles of Confederation

Some of the disadvantages/weaknesses were the national government could enforce laws, the national government couldn't tax the states, it needed all 13 states to amend a law, it needed 9/13 states to pass a law, it had no judicial or executive branch, and it caused the states to suffer economically at times.

Weak or Strong?

The Articles of Confederation was weak. I believe this because there are many more weaknesses then strengths. Under the Articles of Confederation the national government had little to no control over the states. The national government didn't have enough power, and many states didn't agree so no laws could be passed.
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