The element for you--By: Elyse. Nicky and Destini

Atomic Number: 15




Atomic Symbol: P

Atomic Mass: 31

Atomic symbol:P

V.E: 5 valance electrons


History and Uses

Phosphorous was discovered by a German physician and alchemist named Hennig Brand on 1669. He discovered it by boiling, filtering and processing urine. Phosphorous is found in many places like fertilizer, cleaning agents, and soft drinks. It is also used to make china, steel and is found on the sides of matchboxes.

Physical description

Phosphorous is a non-metal and is a solid at room temperature. Its boiling point is 280.5 degrees Celsius and its melting point is 44.15 degrees Celsius. Phosphorous' density is 1.8, its color is white.