Best of 2015

By: Nicole Ocampo

Top 3 Companies

  1. Apple: With the new release of their Apple watch and IPhone 6S business has boomed for them greatly this year.
  2. Starbucks: Coffee and drinks from this shop has been increasing in popularity every year but 2015 was Starbucks year by having and great increase in sales and profit.
  3. Adidas: With the release of Kanye West's Yeezy shoe line the company became increasingly popular this with an increase in business and sales.
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Top 2 Best and Worst Products


Apple Watch- Apples new product allows you do features you could only do on a phone are now on there product apple watch. It is smaller and more convenient and easy to take around since it is a watch.

Drones- An invention that is excellent for photography. If your passion is photography and videography this product is perfect for you. It is able to take incredible over the head shots above you and capture many incredible views you cant reach from ground.


Hoverboard- Not only is it unsafe and hazardous but it just isn't appealing. Your basically on a board hovering around. But why? You can just walk on your own and there is really no good use for it.

Selfie Stick- This is a hassle to use and carry around. It can be an inconvenience to the people around you and location you are at.

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Top 2 Movies of 2015


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Fast and Furious 7 was the last movie for the Fast and Furious series and was probably the greatest one. With earning a total of $1.5 Billion gross worldwide it was definitely 2015's most awaited movie, With the death of the late Paul Walker the movie was extra emotional and special. Yes it had action and thrill but most importantly this movie left you with lessons you could take home with you. Lessons on family, friendship and life.


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Star Wars a classic movie enjoyed by many people. Star Wars movies have been loved by millions of people for many years now and with the release of the new Star Wars movie it had fans excited for the comeback of this movie. With a gross of $1.9 billion in the box office it is shown that the movie was loved and accepted by the audiences,

Top 2 Musical Artists of 2015


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2015 was definitely Justin Bieber's year. With his troubled past, obstacles and hardships he faced, his comeback as a new person was strong as ever. He showed the world that you can make bad mistakes and make wrong choices but you can learn from them and take that to better yourself as a person. After being absent in the music industry for more than 3 years he dropped his latest album "Purpose." And it was a huge success. It broke records left and right and was #1 in charts worldwide for weeks straight.


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The long awaited comeback of Adele finally arrived in the year of 2015. It was one of the most awaited comebacks yet. After taking a break in the industry and having a baby Adele came back strong as ever dropping her latest album "25." Just on its first day Adele sold 1.4 million copies of her album just alone in the United States. It was definitely a huge success.
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Vogue's Top 10 Best Dressed of 2015

  1. Lily Aldridge
  2. Amal Clooney
  3. Zoe Kravitz
  4. Gisele Bundchen
  5. Kendall Jenner
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2016 New Year's Resolution

School: To stop procrastinating! And to actually do my work on time.

Family: Spend more time with my mom and dad.

Personal: To be more focused and organized but most importantly to actually stick to my resolutions.

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