Down By The Brook....

May 22nd, 2016

ALC Success

For a long time during the 2015-2106 school year, Tuesday and Thursday after school meant ALC. And for those working with ALC, I know there must have been some days in which it would have felt pretty good to pack up and head home. However, not only did folks stay, they gave it everything they had for our kids. And not just generic instruction, each and every one of our ALC teachers ensures exactly what our students needed.

This week, Josh was able to compare pre-test and post-test results to demonstrate growth, and the results were off the charts. I know much of this is a result of the hard work and smart instruction every teacher here provides, but these ALC sgrowth scores cannot be overstated.

Thank you to every single staff member who worked with ALC. And thank you to Kelly Fainter and Suzanne Griffin, who provided exceptional leadership in ensuring that each and every day of ALC was a true extension of our kids instructional day.

An Idea from Marty...

In an effort to sell the remaining 40 or so yearbooks, Marty Lineberger had the idea of grade levels possibly adding a "yearbook signing" portion into their end of year celebration. So, if your grade level is so inclined, it might be a decent way to sell some of these final yearbooks.

Media Specialist Interviews

We'll begin interviewing for our new Media Specialist this Thursday, May 26th after school. Shortly following this email, I will send out our normal Google Doc to sign up to be on the interview team.

2016-17 Master Schedule Creation

I think it's safe to say that the work of our Master Schedule team set the stage for a very productive and successful instructional year. While we may not need the same level of reform this year, I would like to bring all stakeholders back together to ensure the same level of buy-in and success for all. We'll likely meet the last week in June, if it works with most everyone that wants to meet. If you'd like to be a part of the team this year, please email me! I'm hoping to have a representative from each team join us in this endeavor.

Testing Season Has Begun

Testing season is here in earnest! K-2 should be congratulated on how well they have navigated the challenges of testing all of their kids, as well as the level of success we're beginning to see through the results! This Thursday, many of the students in Sarah Chapman and Kelly McGill's class will begin their End of Year testing, followed by the EOGs next week for all students in grade 3 and 4. End of Year testing is truly a school wide effort, and I am truly grateful for what everyone has done, and will do, to make it a seamless experience for our students.

Fred L. Wilson Hosting Poverty Simulation

In late March, Lyndsey Pelusi from Fred L invited us all to a poverty simulation at their school on June 13th. At that time, I'm sure June 13th seemed a long time away! However, I'm sure you're now able to better "visualize" this upcoming workday, and perhaps can consider this as something you'd like to participate in. If so, just search out the email she sent, and register through the Google Doc she provided.