Upcoming courses in L&D...

Excel, Business Process, Improv, Coaching & more!

Business Process 101 (NY)

December 7th



Instructor: Ruben Sooriya

Business Process 101 aims to teach you the basics on how we go about modelling and improving business processes. This course is part theory and part practical application of the techniques for Business Process improvement.

The objectives of the course:

- Understanding the background of business process improvement

- Understanding the BPMN notation (industry standard) for modelling as-is and to-be processes

- Applying the BPMN notation to real world processes

- Understanding how to identify inefficiencies in a process

- Applying methodologies to define an optimal business process for your client

Managing Conflict (NY)

December 13th



Instructor: Anita Donnelly

Understanding conflict and the 5 different styles of managing conflict. Identify your natural style of dealing with conflict. Identifying options for flexing your styles to deal with a personal conflict scenario.

Excel 201 (NY)

December 15th



Instructor: Zachary Mandlowitz

5-8pm Train the Trainer- This evening session will be geared to those with an interest in facilitating Excel 201 in the future.

Instructor: Zachary Mandlowitz

In this course, participants will be shown the full scope of what is possible in Excel. Participants will put themselves in the position of a manager at Tesla and use Excel to formulate solutions for everyday business challenges. In Excel 201, we go beyond the typical list of Excel functions and show how these functions can be used in tandem to develop dynamic workbooks that are capable of higher order problem solving.

Improvisation for Innovation (NY)

December 19th


Room- TBD

Instructor: Fiona Dougherty

Come and learn how to use basic improv skills to your advantage in meetings with co-workers and clients alike. The improv approach to business will help you be a supportive team player during meetings, emphasizing active listening and saying "yes" which will lead you and your team to even stronger ideas and work solutions. Objective: You will learn the importance of body language, being in the moment and team mind when you communicate ideas to others.

Fierce Facilitation (NY)

December 19-20th



Instructor: Christine Burns/ Neelu Kaur

Here at Capco, we believe that classes aren’t only successful because of great content, but because of the great people who teach it. Whether you are presenting information to your client or to your fellow colleagues at Capco, being confident in what you are teaching as well as knowing different facilitation strategies will help you become, what we in L&D call, a 'fierce' facilitator. This 2 day course will focus on both teaching and practicing core presentation skills, handling Q&A, the main roles a facilitator, as well as best practices throughout the planning, delivering and closing phase of facilitation. We look forward to seeing you at this 2 day training!

Coaching Certification (NY)

December 21st



Instructor: Christine Burns/ Neelu Kaur

This workshop aims to give new and existing coaches the capability and confidence needed when developing their protégé’s performance in their work, roles, careers, etc. Focusing on core skills on how to become a great coach, asking questions & listening.