Start Lesson 2 ^o^

かようびーSept 8, 2015

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Shout Out: John Pham!

He just got his login information and he's just about all caught up with everyone else!! (Just about in lesson 2 with everyone) WOW! Nice work Pham san! ^o^

Japanese 1 Info! ^o^


◠‿◠ おはようございます!きょうはげつようびです˚ ˚ღ.* ˛˚ ♥ 。✰˚* ˚ ★ღ

*•.¸ (¸.*••....¸♥¸....••*.¸ )¸.•* Nice work with submitting your work!!
♥«´¨`• よくできました!•´¨`»♥ Keep up the good work!!
¸.•*(¸.••*....´♥....`*••.¸)`*•, * * * * * * * *

This week we are starting lesson 2! Please be sure to submit all of week's 1 work as well as lesson 1 assignments in as soon as possible if you already haven't done so.

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***NOTE 2 o(≧o≦)o: DO not turn in Module 1.3 LinguaFolio assignment until you have completed Lesson 3!***

Please go through your "My Grade" tab to check out your grades. Please submit any missing work that you have as soon as possible to avoid getting a 0%! >.<

Keep up the good work!

(")_(") Continue to do your best!

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Language Coaching Sessions updated INFO(。◕‿◕。):

Language Coaching Sessions updated INFO(。◕‿◕。):

  • We will starts TOMORROW (Sept 9th!)
  • To find out who your coach is please do the following:
    --Go to the "My Coach" link in the course to the left, after you click on that link, scroll down to find the link to see who your coach is!! ^o^
    *IF YOUR NAME IS NOT LISTED IN THE LINK ABOVE, PLEASE EMAIL ME ASAP, with the time and days that you will do your coaching session.
  • Remember this is 20% of your grade.
  • You will need a mic/headset/speakers to do the coaching sessions.

***You can download the Blackboard Collaborate APP for FREE on your !!! On your smartphone that has app capabilities. I believe it's on ipad, tablet as well.


If you haven't tested to see if your computer can do Blackboard Collaborate, please do so as soon as you can. (✿◠‿◠)

Blackboard Collaborate is a Virtual Classroom.
If you haven't have tested it before, or if you have not experienced with it yet please click on the image below to view a short tutorial on how to use Blackboard Collaborate.
Language Coach's Info and URL

You can find the different coach's Blackboard Collaborate URL's as well as phone number with pin to access coaching sessions. Please bookmark this for your reference. You can also use this to do make up sessions, if you need too.

This Week's Important Info:

We are working on lesson 2 this week, starting TODAY.

  • L2 Hiragana consists of: さ、し、す、せ、そ、た、ち、つ、て、と
  • Lesson 2: TODAY your writing assignment is due. Please make sure that you print, do the assignment by hand, scan/take a picture of the assignment, upload, and submit by 11:59pm.
  • Please check out this week's newsletter with great information, as well as great links to use to study lesson 2:
Please be sure to check in once a week, and give me an update on how you're doing (You can do this on Friday ^o^).
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Actually The First to Check in on Friday!!

The first 2 students to check in using texting last Friday!! Nice work!!!

Shayla Moore & Alex Williams!! \^o^/

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LAST WEEK (Lesson 1) Assignments Due:

  • -L1 Writing assignment
  • -L1 Cultural Discussion
  • -L1 Speaking Assignment
  • -L1 QUIZ

    Please be sure to submit all assignments for
    Week 1 (orientation/intro module) and Lesson 1 including the quiz before moving on to Lesson 2.
    (Check the "Your Grade" tab.)

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Japanese 1 Week 3 Newsletter ^o^

There are a lot of awesome links on here to use for lesson 2 learning! ^o^



Continue to do your best!

(¯`·.·´¯) (¯`·.·´¯)
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