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MusclePharm The Ultimate Source Of Energy & Power

MusclePharm is a renowned sports nutrition brand of Muscle Pharm Corporation which was established in 2010 in Denver Colorado. Today, it registers a phenomenal sale of various sports nutrition products in more than 35000 outlets and online portals in over 120 countries. The products from the stable of this concern have been endorsed by several prominent international level athletes like Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger and several professional sports bodies like MLB, NFL, UFC, MMA, USA Wrestling, PGA Tour, etc

MusclePharm was founded in 2006. Today it owns a whole range of widely acknowledged range of outstanding supplementing products like:

· BioZone's QuSomes, HyperSorb and EquaSome technologies,

· Hot selling add-ons like Assault, Combat Protein.

· MusclePharm Core Series. This supplementing has been hailed as a very safe alternative for the athletes as the formulation of this series contains amino acids, glutamine, BCAA’s, CLA Core and fish oil.

· Collaborating in sale of "MMA Elite" with the MMA Elite, the sponsors for The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) largest mixed martial arts promotion organization of the world.

· Arnold Schwarzenegger Series which including Iron Whey, Iron Mass, Iron Pump, Iron Pack, Iron Stack, Iron Dream, and Iron Cre3 of Eurpac Sports.

· FitMiss specifically meant for women. This nutrient range includes products like FitMiss Delight, FitMiss Tone, FitMiss Burn, and Ready-to-Drink FitMiss Delight.

· CocoProtein.

Former U.S. Assistant Surgeon General, Dr. Roscoe M. Moore, Jr., took over as Chief Scientific Director at MusclePharm Corporation. Before MusclePharm, Dr. Moore worked with the FDA and United States Public Health Service.

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The testimonials to the Product quality

The ode to the quality of products of MusclePharma is the quality and safety certifications granted by various laboratories in the US. It has been established that that the supplements of the company:

· Meet all the safety and FDA guidelines. It has also been proven with help of tests

· Do not contain DMAA (1 and 2-Dimethylamylamine) an element that has been known to narrow down arteries and cause severe cardiovascular disorders.

MusclePharm has won several highly esteemed awards in sports nutrition industry since 2009:

· Several BodyBuilding.com awards and nominations, and

· Brand of the Year, Fat Burner of the Year (Shred Matrix), Pre-Workout Supplement of the Year (Assault), and Best Tasting Pre-Workout Supplement of the Year (Assault) Canadian Supplement Awards,

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MusclePharm Combat Powder

Combat: A potent nutrition supplement designed to fuel muscles for 8 hours. Each serving of 25 grams of this add-on provides high quality protein in form of easy to mix and tasty shake powder. The digestive blend of this powder is adjusted to for proper nutrient use, and has been formulated with whey protein concentrates, WPI, Hydrolyzed Whey Proteins, hydrolysates and isolates, egg albumen, micellar casein, BCAAs and Glutamine. The product is designed for these benefits; sustained release of energy proteins into the body; protecting muscle tissue; digestive enzyme to aid digestion and absorption; support muscle synthesis, growth and immune system; helping muscles in recovery.

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Pre-workout Supplement For Athletes Performance

Assault: True to its name, Assault is a pre workout add-on designed to deliver punch safely to assist athletes in developing and fostering endurance and power. This supplementing diet is quite different from other concoctions that use artificially prepared ingredients to induce in a sudden boost of power, but then leaving the athletes feeling abandoned and drained of last drop of energy, Assault has proven in clinical tests that it is an effective pre-workout solution which has been prepared with natural ingredients that are safe and assist athletes in making substantial gains in terms of muscle build up and endurance; and other important aspects that can boost the performance of the athletes and enthusiasts generally and during competitions. Each 5 gram serving of Assault supplementing offers a sumptuous dose of concrete & creapure creatine, Astragin, Clinnulin, 6 Grams BCAA, N O 1 , 3 Dimethylimine, and 4 grams betealanine.

Assault has been accorded the title of best pre-workout product by fitness magazine Premio Revista Suplementacao, etc., and only certified pre-workout supplement that sans any Banned Substance.

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Branched Chain Amino Acid

BCAA: Branched Chain Amino Acid Complex

This quick absorbing nutrient is designed to assist those who love pushing themselves to the limits. The MusclePharma BCAA has been formulated to keep the body supplied with critical energy supply to keep the body in condition. Each serving of this nutrient contains 3 gram Leucine (to assist in muscle buildup through muscle protein synthesis); quality 2 grams l-valine (glycogenic amino acid to provide glucose for energy); and 2 gram l-isoleucine (to boost protein generation and muscle tissue buildup and also help the repairing and growth of tissues), helps the body in post workout stage as the BCAA ingredients work in reducing muscle breakdowns; fueling muscle buildup; boosting lean body mass; and helping in fat loss.

The Best Selling Products From MusclePharma Stable

CLA Conjugated Linoleic Acid:

MusclePharm’s CLA CORE has been formulated to assist in developing and sustaining Healthy Body Composition. This complimenting supplement helps the athletes greatly in losing extra weight. CLA Core is prepared with pure, and high potency concoction of CLAs and MCT to help in fostering lean mass besides losing fat. The ingredients used in this product include Virgin Olive Oil and Avocado Oil that work together to reduce fat and weight without affecting muscle growth; sustaining health metabolism and sustaining a healthy appetite level; helping in sustaining healthy levels of HDL (good cholesterol). The nutrient supplement is a winner all the way and assists the athletes at every step and phase of

Only the highest quality, purity and potency blends of CLA are used and the MCTs provide you with every chance to build super-lean mass while losing fat.* The Virgin Olive Oil and Avocado Oil are also loaded with benefits, helping support a healthy appetite level and promoting the fat-burning process.* Feel better. Look better. Take your body to new heights.* MP® CLA CORE™ is like no other CLA on the market.

Glutamine (Core Series) Designed to help in boosting muscle build up and recovery.

MusclePharma’s Glutamine (Core Series) is distinct concoction of three kinds of Glutamine: L-Glutamine, Glutamine Peptides and Alanyl-l-glutamine. The potent mixture of these ingredients greatly assists in muscle build up, recovery time and metabolism. Each of these three elements have their own benefits, like L-Glutamine prevents Catabolism and boosts anabolism besides improving immune system; Glutamine peptides enhances absorption capacity and facilitates immune system; and Alanyl-l-Glutamine a stable and easily soluble ingredient enhances intestinal health, immune system rehydration strength. The potent mixture is formulated to provide all the benefits to the users starting from muscles, digestion system to brain and hormone stability.

Shred Matrix

A sure concoction manufactured to deliver punch to assist and improve metabolism and boost energy levels. This product has been synthesized as a safe powerful weight loss alternative which makes use of comprehensive, multi faceted strategy for burning away extra fat by way of using it as fuel. The system works in phased manner that enhances energy levels and improves metabolism; suppresses hunger; improves wellbeing and focus; drains out excess water.

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