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Friday, September 12, 2014

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Grades Are In....

This week, our class finished our first round of "informal observations." These are quick tests or observations to see how your child is progressing. Remember, we want all students to have scores of 3/3 by the end of the year. So if you are looking on Powerschool, do not panic when you see scores of 1 or 2. My goal: every child should be at a 1/3 for most skills by the end of the quarter. The only skill I would like to see a score of 2/3 would be "writes name." If they can write their first name without looking at an example, they get a 2/3. So far, I am very impressed with the amount of growth I am seeing from all children!!! Keep up the great work!

Please check folders nightly. I still see a lot of papers in their folders. Thank you!

Rainbow Wall Success!

Every year, it amazes me how excited the students get about our Rainbow Wall! As usual, our students love to celebrate their success by putting their name in the hallway for everyone to see! Please help me congratulate the following students for learning their Rainbow Words:

Students who mastered their "red" words:

  • Mason Lintz, Caleb Hughes, Logan Roberts, Malyla Hammock
Students who mastered their "orange" words:
  • Emily Stokes, Andrew Kincaid, Kaden Rosensteel

Skills to Practice At Home

As mentioned above, our scoring in Powerschool is out of 3 points. Many students will be working all year to achieve a 3/3 score. However, if your child has already received a 2/3 or 3/3, here are skills you can practice at home (we will practice them in class in a month or two, but they can work ahead):
  • writing their first and last name correctly (uppercase at beginning only, correct spacing)
  • counting objects in a pile (up to 20 objects)
  • writing 0-30 and beyond
  • recognizing numbers in and out of order 0-20
  • recognizing all 52 letters out of order
  • writing uppercase/lowercase letters when you only say the name (not looking at an example)
  • knowing the sounds of all 26 letters
  • practicing sight words (Rainbow Words)
Many of the skills listed above will be practiced and learned all year long. I will teach and review all of them. But if your child is ready, feel free to work ahead at home. Your hard work will show on the scoring.

Awesome Behavior Club

Students that had 5 warnings or less this week (and no yellow cards) have been added to our ABC Club! With one warning a day (or less), they have really had great control of their behavior. Please give a round of applause to the following students:

  • Andrew B, Andrew K, Caleb, Cameron, Emily, Joseph, Kaden, Klear, Mario P, Matthew, Rylee, Ta'ai, Tahji, and Malyla.