Leaders Lighting the Way

May/June 2015

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Leadership Day 2015

by Takara, Jenevieve, and Savannah
drawing by Chloe and Amiyah

On Leadership Day I used habit 5,1,2 and 3. Habit 5 was , I didn't talk over anyone when it was their time to speak. I did habit one by taking care of myself when we were sitting down. Three was when we practiced our speech before Leadership Day. Two was when I was ready to do my speech.

I have grown in Leadership since I have been in the Shine team because it has helped me understand the 7 habits more. It has taught me what think win-win means. It has taught me that everyone can win like Lily skunk. She wanted to plant the garden and her mom said no. But, Lilly made a deal with her mom and she said yes.

My favorite part of leadership Day was when I got to sing on stage "Habit Heroes." I also liked saying my speech on stage. I was Really happy that my Oma and Opa came from all the way from Germany.

Helping Others

by Caroline (kindergarten)

At Leadership Day I said, "bring capri sun drink pouches" In to your teacher and you will be helping others." I felt happy because I was the only one from my class to speak in front of people. I began with the end in mind because i practiced every day.

A Good Day

by Glen (kindergarten)

Leadership day was fun. We sang. We were proactive. We work together. It was a good day.

My Super Hero Habit

by Alayna (second grade)

My super hero habit is "seek first to understand, then to be understood." I am really good at that because I listen with my eyes, ear and most importantly, my heart. This is habit number 5. When someone can not really talk, I would listen with my eyes, ears and my heart. So I can understand them even better. This is the best habit of the 7 habits.

My 7 Habits Cape

by Greyson (first grade)

I felt like a superhero in my 7 habits cape.

An Important Day

by Samantha (first grade)

Leadership Day is important because you need to use your habits to show people. I use habit number two "begin with the end in mind," because I had to get ready for the parade. I listened to the directions so the class can be on time for the parade.