The Dust Bowl

Every thing about the dust bowl

The Dust Bowl

The first dust bowl was a catastrophe millions of farmers left their homes.

By: Matt and Madi

How the first dust bowl occurred

One main factor of the first Dust Bowl was deforestation. Another factor is over farming. The dust bowl also was caused by drought. "Three million people left farms..."

Dust storms in the 1930s Dust Bowl. "severe drought and a failure to apply dryland farming methods to prevent wind erosion (the Aeolian processes) caused the phenomenon." Wikipedia. If it weren't for the bad farming strategies the dust bowl could have been avoided. "It was the combination of drought and poor land use practice that created the environmental disaster." Dust storms in the 1930s Dust Bowl. the farming technique is what sunk this ship.

how another dust bowl could occur

" it could happen, says Nick Wiltgen, digital meteorologist for However, he adds, it would be on a radically smaller scale."

Dust Bowl: Could it Happen Again? | The Weather Channel

the dust bowl in the future would be much smaller than the first. A second dust bowl is not very likely.

"A West Texas thunderstorm on July 24 kicked up a dust cloud as the winds passed over ground parched and barren from a drought that began back in 2010. As the dust passed over Interstate 20 just before 8 p.m., drivers lost sight of the road before them and quickly slowed down, setting off a chain of collisions as 17 cars and trucks ran into one another. Two 18-wheelers sandwiched one car, killing its driver and passenger."

Are We Headed for Another Dust Bowl? | Science ...

A dust bowl would still be catostrophic. If we have another dust bowl you need to stay west. The dust would go for the dry places first.

preventing another dust bowl

If we want to prevent another dust bowl we need to keep every state moisturized. Easyer said than done, though. If we were to do something to prevent another dust bowl we would need something big. So say we have something that transferred water from one state to another we could bring water to dry states. There are many things that can ship water but none that can ship as much as California needs. "Wind and drought cannot be controlled by man. But what can - factors like soil tillage, crop rotation and irrigation - have made the "Dirty Thirties" one for the history books."

Methods prevent another Dust Bowl - Amarillo Globe-News

We need to get water to dry stares mainly.


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