History Of Video Games

The 80's

1980's to the 1990's

July 15th, 1983- Nintendo Entertainment System has been released in Japan

September 13th, 1985- Super Mario Bros. released for NES, later for the Famicom

February 21st, 1986- Famicom has been released in Japan, but only in Japan

February 26th, 1986- The Legend Of Zelda is released for the NES

August 6th, 1986- Metroid released for NES

September 26th, 1986- Castlevania is released for the NES, Vampire Killer is released for the Famicom

December 10th, 1986- Takeshi no Chosenjo (Takeshi's Challenge) released for Famicom

1987- Mike Tyson's PunchOut released for NES in Japan and North America

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