CBA Review Team

November 13, 2015

First things first!!

Give Tiffanny your lunch order from Coffee House!

Calendar Review

  • Talk through adjustments to spring semester.
  • Look at DMAC Upload schedule
  • Look at needs for returning assessment writing dates

Level of Assistance Chart for K-3

Work to come to an agreement on the Level of Assistance Chart for K-3 for each 9 weeks.

Review Process - Basic Review

- Assessment office -

  • Correct number sequencing
  • Correct alternating answer choices
  • Griddables, if math - correct format
  • Spelling/grammar

Review Process - Curricular Review

  • Check YAG/Unit Details/TEKS for alignment
  • Check spiraled skills
  • Check skills pushed forward to next assessment
  • Check appropriateness of TEKS or dual coding

Review Process - Cross Campus Review

  • Look at suggestions from both campuses
  • Make final decisions on questions where there are differences between campuses
  • Make notes for edits