Causes of WWI

The three reasons


Militarism started the war because once one person started building an army it made others worried so they built there army up. It then started the arms race.
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Allies started the war because when one person joins in the war it pulls their allies in then their allies, allies in and then the allies, allies, allies and on and on and on.
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Nationalism was countries thinking that they are the best. This caused the war because of course other countries think that they are the best so it causes a big arguement.
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Imperialism helped start WWI because countries wanted a bigger empire so instead they spent millions buying it they spent millions taking it by force.
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Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand

One of the first reasons of world war 1 was that Archduke Ferdinand. Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the nephew of the emperor of Austria Haungary.

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M: Stands for militarism.

A: Stands for Allies.

N: Stands for nationalism.

I: Stands for Imperialism.

A: Stands for Assassination of archduke Ferdinand.