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Quick + Easy Tips for getting started with GoNoodle

We know teachers never have enough time in the day, so check out these quick and easy suggestions to help you jump into using GoNoodle (and hopefully save you some time!). Here are a few suggestions, but we’re happy to tailor them to be more relevant to your classroom - just send us a note to support@gonoodle.com!

Watch this GoNoodle 101 video to start. It gives a brief overview of how GoNoodle works and you can see it in action :)

Check out this recent blog post on the “5 best times to use GoNoodle”. It has some great suggestions and it’s written by a fellow teacher!

How to Share

Click the Share link at the top of your dashboard to access the Share page.

From the Share page, choose how you’d like to share. There are a few options:

Use use the personalized share link on the left side of the page. Click the Copy link button, then paste this link in newsletters, handouts, presentations, or in a personalized email.

Send ready-made messages via email that include your personalized share link. Use the icons on the right side of the page to do so. Just make sure the sign-up link in your message remains unchanged!

Remember -- teachers and parents must sign up with your personalized share link in order for you to get credit for the share!

Once you’re sharing, you can return to the Share page to see your progress toward the goal.

Reset GoNoodle for a New School Year

If you're coming back from summer break, you probably want to start GoNoodle over with your new class! To do so, simply create a new class. See the Managing Classes article for more information.

If you're in the midst of a new school year and wish to reset your entire classroom experience back to square 1 -- in other words, reset all Minutes earned back to zero, or choose a new Champ, or eliminate all progress across allGame On! games -- you should also create a new class.

To do so, see the Managing Classes article.

Classroom Specific Items

Favorites, custom Bodyspell lists, and custom Word Jam lists are all classroom specific - that is, they only belong to the classroom you created them in. If you'd like to copy any of these over to a new classroom (even from a classroom you've already deleted), just let us know and we'll take care of it for you.

To copy your favorites to another class, fill out the request here.
To copy your custom Bodyspell lists to another class, fill out the request here.
To copy your custom Word Jam lists, fill out the request here.

A Reference Guide to all Activities:

Game On! Games (Found in the Game On! and GoNoodle Plus Channels)

Rows in orange: Available only with GoNoodle Plus subscription.

Activity NameDurationRecommended GradeActivity TypeActivityCore Alignments

Ultimate Champ Training2 to 10 minutesK - 5EnergizingSports and ExerciseHealth and Science

Airtime3 minutesK - 5CalmingDeep BreathingSocial Studies/Geography

Airtime Space3 minutesK - 5CalmingDeep BreathingScience

Montana James and the Palace of Peril2 to 10 minutesK - 8ModeratePurposeful MovementELA

Field Trip2 to 4 minutesK - 5VigorousRunningScience

Freeze It1 minuteK - 5VigorousDancingMath, ELA, Geography

Word Jam3 minutesK - 5VigorousPurposeful MovementELA

Bodyspell2 - 10 minutesK - 5VigorousPurposeful MovementELA

Mega Math Marathon2 - 5 minutesK - 5VigorousRunningMath

Think On Your Feet2 - 10 minutesK - 8ModeratePurposeful MovementVarious

Managing Classes

← General Information About GoNoodle

In GoNoodle, you can create as many classes you need for each of the unique groups of students you see in a school week. Each class is its own unique progress in GoNoodle. As such, each class can have its own:
You should create a class for each unique group of kids with whom you'll be playing GoNoodle. You must always select a class before playing GoNoodle with your students.

From the champ page, click the champ's text bubble to see your current progress.

Brain Breaks for the Classroom

  • Fun & interactive way to get student's moving throughout the classroom
  • Allows kids to channel physical & emotional energy for good
  • Helps teachers to manage the classroom & improve student performance
GoNoodle overview - Free interactive brain breaks

Benefits for Teachers:

  • easy to set up & smart board compatible
  • various activities to help students focus
  • quick= videos last between 2-3 minutes
  • aligned to Math & ELA standards
  • shortens classroom transition times

Benefits for Students:

  • happy and engaged students=productive students
  • promotes exercise and physical activity=healthier students
  • kids need movement! Especially in elementary classrooms, "They know if they can sit still during an instructional period (our learning moments) that we will definitely be dancing, singing, and moving to make up for the time that their little bodies needed to stay frozen and focus on the speaker." -Keri from Enchanted Kindergarden on Go Noodle

How can I use Go Noodle in my classroom?

1. Beginning of the day — Incorporate a desk-side physical activity like running in place to engage the class before starting instruction.

2. Mid-morning — Try some deep-breathing exercises to release tension and increase focus, particularly on test days.

3. After lunch — Take five minutes to do some stretches that will increase circulation, improve mood and re-engage an energetic class.

4. During long periods of instruction — Encourage your students to get up and face away from their desks as they stretch their arms overhead, march in place to get the blood flowing, and take at least five deep breaths when you start to see their attention wane.

5. End of the day — Designate a few minutes for in-class dancing or additional desk-side running to improve heart health and increase student focus on their end-of-day assignments.

It’s recommended kids get 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Teachers, parents, and health advocates alike recognize that the decline in recess is creating more sedentary children. Which unfortunately isn’t the answer to solving youth health issues like childhood obesity.

Interactive GoNoodle games — designed and developed to assist teachers in meeting educational standards while helping to improve youth health — can be the solution to getting kids everywhere moving more. In under five minutes, teachers can use the games to engage students across core subjects like English, math and science.

Technology, gameplay and interactive personalities — both human and animated — are a trio of great ingredients to create brain-breaks and desk-side physical activities that help kids physically and mentally win at achieving better well-being every day.