Book Swap

Coming Soon on April 16th Literacy Night

Brownridge Public School will be holding a Book Swap on Literacy Night

Brownridge Public School will be holding a Literacy Night on April 16th. To learn more about it click on the link .

As part of the literacy night we would like to provide everyone with a way to recycle and share some of the great books you already have at home. A Book Swap is a great way to get a new book to read. It's easy just bring a book that is in good condition and that you would like to trade. The best books to bring in are ones that you enjoyed reading and would like to share with others. Remember you will want a good selection of books to choose from yourself so share some "great reads". If you would like to bring in more then one book you are welcome to, but everyone will take away one book on Literacy Night.

To participate in the Book Swap bring a book to school and drop it off in the bin in your classroom. All the books in the school will be gathered up and organized. Then on literacy night you can check out all the great books and pick up one of your choice to take home.

We would like to collect and organize the books in time for Literacy Night so please start bringing in books.