The Coach's Corner

Keeping Taylor Teachers in the Know- December 7



Mon 12/7: 2nd Grade

Tues 12/8: 1st Grade

Wed 12/9: Kinder

Thurs 12/10: 5th Grade

Fri 12/11: 4th Grade

Thank you so much for the great week of backwards planning. I hope that you all found it beneficial for your teams. You worked extremely hard! This should make your next few clusters a little easier to navigate and save you time during planning. Wohoo! :)

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Mindset Book Study

Mindset Reminder:

Ramy will be here for our staff meeting on Wednesday, December 9th. Please respond in our google classroom to the reflection questions by December 8th.

Check out the video below for an activity called "My favorite No!" This teacher is fostering the growth mindset in her 8th grade Math classroom. This activity can be easily adapted to the elementary level, especially during number talks.

My Favorite No

Sign-Up Genius

I would love to come in to your rooms to support you with small group instruction. Need help with RTI data or an extra set of hands for a group? Sign up for a time!!


News from the Curriculum Department

  • We are busy working on curriculum for Cluster 3 and will have it posted when it's complete. The planners and CBAs are posted which can be used for backwards planning.
  • As last year, we will not have a 4th or 5th grade math simulation. Teachers should be using their CBAs and CFAs to provide targeted instruction. 3rd grade CBA 4 is cumulative (lengthy like the STAAR) and will serve as a simulation. 3rd grade should also be using their CBAs and CFAs to provide targeted instruction throughout the year.


Professional Learning

Teachers will need to bring their cluster 4 planner, (5) completed cluster pre-assessments, and a technology device.




App: Wordfoto

1st graders picked their favorite book character and then wrote 10 nouns that described this character.

App: Morfobooth

2nd graders studied presidents and presented facts they learned.

App: Animoto

3rd grade students created Animotos on various landforms. With each landform, students were required to write characteristics then compare and contrast the following two landforms; hills and mountains / valleys and plains.

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