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Backround Information

Guadeloupe is an island, or rather a group of islands controlled and ruled by France. It has not yet gained independence. The capital is Basse-Terre and the official language is French.
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Major Cities

Where is it?

Guadeloupe is located in the Caribbean, southeast of Puerto Rico.

Physical Features

Guadeloupe has a volcano as well as mountains in Basse-Terre. A narrow channel seperates the two main islands.


Guadeloupe uses the Euro, same as France.


Guadeloupe is ruled by France, so it has the same type of government as France, a constitutional republic. Their leader is also the same as France's, currently Francois Hollende. The country is very peaceful and has no disputes with other nations.
Guadeloupe National Anthem

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Economics and Trade

Economic System: capitalism

Imports: foodstuffs (food), fuel, vehicles, clothing and other consumer goods, and construction materials

Import From Where?

63% from France, Germany, US, Japan, Netherlands Antilles

Exports: bananas, sugar, and rum

Export To Where?

60% to France, Martinique, US

Why Go?

Guadeloupe is not only very peaceful, but has over 190 miles of coast and beautiful beaches. THe country stays in the 70's and 80's all year long.

5 Things To See And Do

1. Visit one of the many beautiful, peaceful beaches

2. Attend one of the many festivals

3. Go on one of the glass bottomed boats

4. Visit the colorful markets

5. Go scuba diving or snorkeling