BIG Break Through In Depression

By: Aniyah Tate

Signs Of Depression

  1. A change in sleeping patterns
  2. Thoughts of death & suicide
  3. Blaming others, especially adults

Warning Signs of Suicide

  1. Daytime sleepiness
  2. Aggressive or destructive behavior
  3. Withdrawal from relationships with friends & family

Signs of self injury

  1. Spending unusual amounts of time in the bathroom
  2. General signs of depression
  3. Inappropriate use of clothing to cover scars


  1. Family & friends
  2. Counselor
  3. Trusted adults
Bruno Mars -When I was your man (lyrics)
This video relates to my flyer because in the lyrics it explains how he wishes that her next boyfriend does the things that she likes because he didn't. Plus he is constantly thinking back about her, the breakup, and etc. Therefore this could lead to depression.