Culture in Iran

Johanna Prada

Iranian Art phases

  • The poet Sepehri followed his dreams, painting elements of nature.
  • Others gave artistic form to their political concerns

University arts faculties slowly started to close because of the many restrictions enforced by the new government, such as: women's hair could not be shown and, the unclothed human body and anything that is against religion or politics was forbidden.

Iranian Movies

  • The Lizard; Director-Kamal Tabrizi, Plot-Posing as a mullah, an escaped prisoner (Parviz Parastoie) inadvertently inspires Iranian villagers to perform good deeds.
  • Hamoun- Dariush Mehrjui, plot- Hamoon's wife is leaving him. He is also unsuccessfully trying to finish his Ph.D. thesis.

Iranian Music

  • Mina- Mohsen Chavoshi
  • Haghighat- Milad Babaei
  • Babaei- AmirAbbas Golab


  • Chogan
  • Takhteh Nard
  • Shatranj
  • Wrestling


  • Persian Rise
  • Persian grapes
  • Persian eggs poached
  • Carrot salad