Live There Now

By: Rhylie Morse

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Will there be a day and night on Mars?

Yes, the planet Mars has a sun. Mars also has an axis that it rotates on. The length of a day/night will be different from the length of day/night on earth, because Mars has a bigger tilt,(tilt is 25’) and Earth's tilt is( 23.5). The bigger the tilt the longer the day/night rotation time (hours).

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Does Mars have a year rotation?

Yes, Mars will have years. Mars will have years because it revolves around the sun. Mar’s years will have a big difference because of the revolution time, Earths years are 365 days long, meanwhile mars years are 686 days long, making it have a 322 day difference

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Will Mars have a season?

Yes, because it has an axis of 25'. That means it will travel with its axis around the sun and at every point their will be different seasons. It also has a revolution.

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Is there phases on Phobos and Deimos?

Yes, because the planet Mars has a sun, and two moons, (phobos, deimos) and they revolve around the solar system

Will there be tides on Mars?

Mars will not have tides, because they do not have large bodies of water.

Will Mars see an eclipse?.

Yes, because there is a sun, moon and earth. Also either moon (phobos, deimos) can cast a shadow onto the planet and cause an eclipse.

How is Mars similar to Earth?

Mars and Earth are similar in a lot of ways, but the biggest similarity they're both the most rocky terrestrial planets that orbit in our solar system.

How is Mars different compared to Earth?

Mars doesn't have any large body's of water, or running water. Therefore, Mars will have a mostly dry terrain.

A basic summary-

The planets Mars and Earth both are similar but also have major differences as well. Events that happen on Mars can be similar or very different. Earth has two moons vs Earth where it only has one moon. Earth has life, where we haven't discovered life on Mars, yet. Earth has living conditions suitable for life, where we haven't discovered how to live on Mars yet. Earth often has phases of the moon, and so does Phobos and Deimos (Mars moons). Lunar eclipses appear on both but don't come that often. Earth has tides because the pull of gravity between Earth and the moon, but Mars doesn't have large bodies of water so there cannot be tides.