Mrs. Powers Kindergarten Classroom

First day: Thursday, August 26, 2015

About Me

Hello parents and students,

My name is Britanie Powers. I am a new Kindergarten teacher. This will be my first year teaching. I have been married for 10 months. My husband is in the National Guard. I have a black lab named Ruger. I enjoy working with children. I graduated with a bachelors from Ohio University Zanesville. No child will ever be wrong in this classroom.

Classroom expectations:

My expectations for students in my classroom is that they always strive to be better than what they were yesterday. It is important that students show up and try their best, in order to learn the most from my classroom. All students are unique in their own way. I believe that these traits is what makes them successful students. I will not put up with any type of harm against another student or staff member. I expect for students to have all their homework done by the time Friday comes. Although this is one of my expectations, I understand that emergencies and issues pop up. I am very flexible when it comes to this. Just contact me with the reason why, and we will get everything worked out.


-Dry erase markers


-a pack of crayons


-art box


Contact Information:



I also do have texting so you have the option to text.

Homework Policy:

I believe in allowing children plenty of time to complete homework. They will have from Monday to Friday to turn in their homework. This will allow children all week to complete homework. If emergencies pop up; contact me and let me know. I am very flexible because I do understand that things pop up that weren't planned. My class won't always have homework because I believe that learning is done in the classroom through play.

Topics Covered:


Addition and subtraction, fractions, and beginning multiplication.

Language Arts:

Rhyming, beginning reading, and site words.


Camouflage and animals habitats.

Social Studies:

Presidents and major U.S. events.

Blizzard Bags:

Before questions arise, we do not do blizzard bags. I believe in classroom instruction not always completing it on their own. Also, snow days are suppose to be fun, so I want my students to enjoy snow days with playing out in the snow or relaxing.