Glorious Revolution/Changes in Govt

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The Glorious Revolution

  • 1688 a group of nobles invited Mary and her husband William to become king and queen of England
  • William and Mary both were protestants
  • They both were living in the Netherlands
  • James knowing that it was pointless to fight he then fled to France
  • The parliament gave the throne to William III and Mary II
  • They were joint Rulers and this was known as The Glorious Revolution

Changes in Govt.

  • The parliament had essentially crowned William III and Mary II king and queen
  • The English Bill of Rights was a document William and Mary had to sign before taking the throne
  • This document prevented the monarch from levying taxes without consent of parliament
  • Just as it did many other laws (provisions)
  • Decades later the bill of rights was reflected in the U.S constitution
  • The bill of rights was central to England's growth as a constitutional monarchy
  • The document's approval came after decades of dramatic changes in English government
  • England had rejected the concept of an absolute monarch
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