Online Privacy

By: Hannah Varechok


Cookies are files that are automatically created based on the websites you visit. You should clear your cookies often, because they will give you the old stuff, because websites change all the time.

Updating Software

You should update your software very often, because when you do you will usually get the newest, and fastest software. If software isn't updated for a while it will be slow and old.

Making a Strong Password

-Your password should be eight characters or more

-Shouldn't contain your name or birthday

-It should have capitals, numbers, and lower case letters

Don't Reply to Spammers

If you reply to a spammer, or even open the email, it could put you in danger. When you respond to a spammer, the spammer receives your information. Instead, delete the email right away.

Protect Your Location

Your mobile device or even computer may always know where you are. To turn this off, go to the location settings on your device.