Journeying Into the Undiscovered

Lewis and Clark

The People

Lewis and Clark Beginning

Lewis and Clark first met in the army they served together for a year then Lewis got moved up in the ranks. Soon after Lewis got moved to private for the President and that was one of the reasons he got asked to lead the expedition. Lewis jumped at he chance and invited an old friend William Clark to be his co-commander.

The Middle

As they traveled up the Mississippi River they ended up at three forks, Montana, which also was right where the Shoshone Indians lived. The Indians were skilled at traveling the traverse terrain of the Rocky mountains on horse. This knowledge would be very helpful on the Expedition, so Lewis and Clark asked for help from the Indians.

The End

They encountered many things along their journey some interesting and some scary; and, by September 1806 they were returning to St. Louis to report their findings to Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson was very pleased with what they found and very happy when he found out that Clark drew a series of detailed maps! Lewis and Clark were praised for how well of a job they did and ended up receiving double pay and public land. Jefferson appointed Lewis governor of the upper Louisiana territory and Clark an Indian agent. Lewis died October 11, 1809 and Clark died September 1, 1838.


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