World Farm Animal Day!

"Lest we forget their suffering..."

About World Farm Animal Day

World Farm Animal Day is about remembering the poor little farm animals that are slaughtered each and every day so you can eat your steak and cheese omelet with a side of bacon every morning. How would you feel if all you had to eat was slop and all of your friends were slowly disappearing? On October 2nd (World Farm Animal Day) thousands of people lie down in the middle of the street and pretend to die, start protests, lock themselves in cages, and march down the road just so people will recognize that the little pig they wanted for Christmas when they were six is probably stuck in there teeth! Even the famous Mahatma Gandhi spoke out against this innocent slaughtering of animals and had this day on his birthday. He also had a part in this event when it was being created. I believe the reason this is not an official holiday is because it could cost people their jobs. If you think about it, tons of people go to work every morning to work in meat factories! If thousands of bacon lovers heard about this holiday and became vegetarian to whom would the meat factories sell their merchandise? If this were an "official holiday" I’m sure all the pigs in America would call out “One small step for man, one big step for farm animal kind!”

World Farm Animal Day!

Thursday, Oct. 2nd 2014 at 12am-11:45pm


Come on people, lets tell the world about this holiday! :)