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December 16, 2022

Please come visit next Tuesday evening!

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Glenhope Choir will also be singing during the Gallery Walk!


Lunch with a Loved One Cancelled

We have held 6 different LWALO events over the last year, and we've been very fortunate with the weather at each one. Our luck may have run out for next week's LWALO as the weather is threatening to be quite chilly.

The forecast for colder weather has held pretty steady all week so we are going to cancel next week's planned LWALO. I know that many of you had plans to attend, but no one will enjoy lunch outside if our teeth are chattering, and the district doesn't allow us to go outside for more than 15 minutes if the "feels like" temperature is below 45.

We have another LWALO scheduled for February 13 and 14, and we hope that we'll have better weather luck then.

The Sing Along has been moved to the cafeteria which means that seating for extra guests is very limited. We enjoy having parents attend the Sing Along, but the cafeteria will be full of about 550 people with all our staff and students. We wouldn't want the fire marshall to have to stop the Sing Along because we got too crowded!


Do you know a GCISD senior?

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DNA Kits as required by State Law- completely voluntary

In compliance with Texas S.B. 2158, Grapevine-Colleyville ISD offers parents and legal guardians inkless fingerprint and DNA kits for their children upon request. This kit is designed to “help locate and return a missing or trafficked child,” according to S.B. 2158.

Parents and legal guardians may request these kits through the front office at your child's campus. As outlined in the kit, parents or guardians should keep the kit in their possession and only provide it to law enforcement in the event it is needed to reunite with a missing child.

Do not return this kit to your child’s school.


CHHS MLK Day of Service

Immediately after we return from break we will be contributing to Colleyville Heritage’s MLK Day of Service by collecting donations. They have asked specifically for our campus to collect condiments such as ketchup, mustard and mayo. There will be a large box in the front entryway where the donations will be collected. See the informational flyers for more information!


Play it Safe

Glenhope Elementary School will be showing Play It Safe to students on February 24th. Below you will find links to the district letter and instruction on how to opt in or out on Skyward. Please contact the GHES counselor with any questions or concerns.

District Letter

Skyward Instructions. Be sure to expand the online form box in Skyward because there are several forms above the Play it Safe form.


Last chance for GT referrals

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Information on telescoping

Finally, parents interested in telescoping information in the spring or summer can find the district dates at this site.

GCISD Math Acceleration Testing


Yearbook orders online now!

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Letters to Santa

We are helping Santa with his letters this year. Drop off your wish list and your child will receive a personalized letter from Santa! ***please make sure to include your return address***

There is no cost to you. We just love doing it!

Make sure to grab a candy cane from the stocking!

Drop off location is:

6907 Upland Ln., Colleyville

Mailbox is out from 8am-9pm daily. (If it is raining we move the box to the porch.)

**Last day is Tuesday, Dec. 20th!!

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Counselor newsletter available

Hello Gator families,

This month we will be learning about, and practicing COOPERATION. We define this as working together to reach shared goals. Inside the monthly parent newsletter you will find information, by grade level, on ways to practice cooperation at home. We will be incorporating mindfulness practices into our lessons this month as we head into winter break.

To view the monthly parent newsletter please visit: https://sites.google.com/gcisd.net/gcisd-elementary-counseling-20/family-connection-newsletters

As always, if your family or child needs anything please feel free to reach out using the contact information found on the GHES counseling page.


All the best,

Mrs. Holley

GHES Counselor



Lightspeed Relay Parent Portal

Parents should be receiving a weekly email for each of your students from Lightspeed Relay. This email contains a weekly report of your student’s internet activity. The body of the email contains the Top 10 websites visited. If you log in, you will have access to a more detailed, daily, time stamped web activity report. For more information, please visit the GCISD Lightspeed Parent Portal Website.

If you have not received an email from do_not_reply@lightspeedsystems.com please check your Spam.


Donation Bin

We have a bin in the parking lot for clothing, shoes and other fabric items. If you are beginning a fall clean out, you can drop off items at any time. We receive a donation for a portion of the funds that are generated.

Items to be placed in the World Wear donation bin include wearable shoes, clothing, purses, wallets, belts, hats/caps, backpacks, hard toys that fit into the bin, soft toys and stuffed animals. That’s it; that’s what we pay for by the pound.

We do not accept furniture, mattresses, bikes, strollers, car seats, food, trash, books, or any other items that are not on that list. We do remove those items from around the bin when we encounter them but it makes it difficult for our drivers to get in a full route if we pick up a lot of large stuff.

It's also nice to have someplace to drop items when Goodwill or GRACE are closed!


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Emergency drills information

GCISD partners with the I Love U Guys Foundation and uses the Standard Response Protocols (SRP) to respond to any situation or emergency that takes place at school or in the district.

  • Each campus will conduct drills throughout the school year. These drills are based on the Standard Response Protocols of Secure, Lockdown, Evacuate, Shelter, and Hold. GCISD developed one additional protocol known as Clear.

  • Completion of the drills is mandatory for each campus during the first two weeks of school, so that students and staff are prepared. Drills help us learn and know how to respond in the case of a real emergency at school. Our drills also help us to check certain equipment and responses. Our emergency management leaders on each campus will work with students and staff to complete our drills and document the results.

I have included the SRP Posters that are displayed in your student’s classrooms so that you can review with your student at home and discuss with them when they take part in the drills during the first two weeks. More information about Safety and Security in GCISD can be found at www.gcisd.net/our_district/safety_and_security.


Attendance procedures

Please remember to email the office (mailto:elizabeth.giblin@gcisd.net and mailto:tanya.hill@gcisd.net) if your child is ill and will be out. It would be helpful to include your child's teacher(s) as well.

Also, please try to call early in the day with changes to after school pick up arrangements. The later you call, the greater the chance that something might be missed due to the level of activity that occurs around dismissal.