Miller Minute

Your weekly update on what's Happening at Miller - 10/17/16

Take Care of Yourself

With the weather changing and flu season sneaking up on us please be aware of how your body operates. I am not going to lecture you on what you put in your body, how much sleep you get and stress reducing techniques. Know that Dave and I are concerned about all of the Miller Family. So, take the proper steps to keep your body in tip top shape as we move into flu season.

With that being said, there already have been a lot of staff absences and staff leaving early. Know that I am all about taking care of yourself and family and I realize problems arise unannounced. However, please make sure we are professional in our time at school. If you are leaving early for whatever reason please let Dave or myself know....try to keep these at a minimum. As you can see from our sublist emails we as a school (and District) are short on an almost daily basis. Please know students count on us everyday. Whether they act like it may not always be the case. These students need and count on us on a daily basis and we need them. Taking care of our mind and body is essential for us to accomplish our goals.

Take the weekend get rested up and take care of yourself.

What's really important?

I've had the opportunity to have several conversations over the past few weeks with teachers and students alike that have had something to do with meeting (or not meeting, as is more likely the case) expectations for classroom procedures. Many of these conversations have centered around students who come to class unprepared which often leads to larger behavioral problems throughout the class. Most of us would agree that the best predictor of a student's success in class revolves around them actively engaging in class. In order to do that it is important for them to come to class prepared, but above that, it is imperative that they are in class.

That said, while discussing this in a recent attendance meeting with our counselors, Rachel shared with me a short article that does a great job of articulating the simple things that we can do to increase the odds of a student successfully staying in class and accessing the instruction and curriculum necessary for success. I encourage you to read this short article from teaching tolerance about when to "make a point" with students and when to simply provide what they need to engage in the days work. Give the Kid a Pencil

News and Notes

Upcoming Visit with Rosalind Wiseman

On November 15th Rosalind Wiseman, author of Queen Bees and Wannabes, will be in the district to present at three different venues (Miller, MHS, and an evening community presentation at the Public Library) on the social dynamics of teenagers and in creating an inclusive community. In order for her to be best prepared to deliver a relevant message to our population at Miller she has requested that all staff complete a brief survey to help her better prepare for her visit. The introduction of the survey is as follows: As outside consultants we believe we are only work a school's time and financial commitment if we begin our work by listening to a diverse representation of school members and then present our work in a way that integrates with the community's beliefs and experiences. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Thank you!!

Student SWOT Survey

Teachers of 8th Graders: Dr. Schutte has requested that all 8th and 11th grade students complete a SWOT survey similar to the one that you completed as staff and that parents/community members completed during conferences.

PLEASE click on the following link and have your students complete the survey this week.


Indoor Supervision

When October rolls around and the weather starts to turn we must also teach and re-teach the expectations for how we want students to behave when in the auditorium. Additionally, the way that we, as adults, supervise must also look different than it does outside. The following two documents will serve as reminders for us as we transition to indoor supervision. The student expectations document will be turned into posters and hung in the auditorium for adults to access and use while working with students. The staff document (in the Miller C.A.T.S. format) serves as a great reminder for us to effectively manage and build relationships with students in this more confined space. Take some time to review these documents: Student Expectations and Staff Expectations


Thank you to all who made our Fire Drill another success. We were able to fully evacuate the building in under 3 minutes and were able to call "all clear" in less than 6 minutes. Nearly all of our students were able to meet expectations for procedures and behavior during the drill.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our tornado drill to spare the large number of substitute teachers as well as Miller staff who were covering other classes that day. Please keep an eye out for a rescheduled tornado drill...TBA

Upcoming Events: Week of October 17th

Science Bound

Monday, Oct. 17th, 3:30-5pm

125 South 11th Street

Marshalltown, IA

Science Bound meeting after school in Mrs. Edel's Room

Illusionist, Adam Trent

Tuesday, Oct. 18th, 2:45pm

125 South 11th Street

Marshalltown, IA

Assembly featuring Illusionist Adam Trent. We will be running a Wednesday schedule, and students will be dismissed from the Auditorium. Students should report to HB and come to the auditorium as a group.

Writer's Club

Tuesday, Oct. 18th, 3:30pm

125 South 11th Street

Marshalltown, IA

Writer's club will meet in room 252 after school.

Early Dismissal: JEANS DAY!!

Friday, Oct. 21st, 1pm

125 South 11th Street

Marshalltown, IA

It's the end of the quarter and you have the afternoon to ensure that infinite campus has complete information to communicate with families. It also happens to be a district-wide jeans day. Enjoy :)