The Paw Print

September 19-23

Well isn't that the truth! We are so blessed to be where we are. Have a great week everyone!

A Look at Last Week

What's Going On?

Parsons Pinterest Board

Got ideas? Pin them! Located just outside the workroom door in green hall is a bulletin board where you can pin and share your ideas for the week. What a great way to collaborate!

Who? What? When? Where?

Monday, 19

Howard @ DBU

Davis @ Oracle (AM)

Tuesday, 20

Fall Portraits

Hermes out All Day

CIT @ Cafeteria 3.30-4.10

Wednesday, 21

College Day

Popcorn Sales Begin

Thursday, 22

First day of Autumn

ARDs All Day

Friday, 23

Have a great weekend!

This Week at a Glance

This week our focus is...

Theme: My Family & Homes

  • Blend compound words
  • M, O
  • rote count to 10
  • Blue
  • Science- safe/not safe

Attention Teachers!

Teachers may now print their own “Learner History” transcript. This is an easy way to document learning sessions attended for T-TESS and/or “Flex Day” purposes.

In addition, teachers need to fill out the form that is on the black file cabinet by Mrs. McClard's office door for their hours. Please remember teachers must fulfill the 6 hours of training toward the January 2, 2017 flex day. Teachers who attended training within GISD received a certificate of attendance that reflected the total hours, and those sessions were also loaded into Oracle and should be in their learner history.

For sessions outside GISD to be approved, teachers must submit a copy of a certificate to The certificates must show the name of the session, date(s) and total hours of learning. The teacher will receive an email once the session is approved.

Magical Moments

Leyla Garcia

Thank you for making sure ALL of your students have all packet paperwork turned in and signed! 100% Great Job! - B. Qualls

Ann Phan

I appreciate your professionalism and all your kind words and smiles. Thank you so much for making Parsons so pleasant. - Kathy Pina

Atomic Learning

The Digital Learning Team will hold Atomic Open Lab Days in order to support all paraprofessionals, auxiliary, and other district support positions with technology training needs.

If you are looking for additional training for Microsoft Office programs, help utilizing Outlook, or even understanding Google apps more efficiently, Atomic open Lab Days can help you with training. In fact, there are 250+ topics available.

Atomic Open Lab Days are designed to allow employees to register for a two hour time slot to work uninterrupted on learning skills specific to their needs and job responsibilities while having in-person support on hand. If you don't have time to attend these trainings, but are interested in learning you can access the Atomic Learning website to view tutorials and get help on your own. Use your network credentials to log in.

Parsons Step Club

Rather than focus on a number we have decided to focus more on the benefits of walking and exercise. With that being said the 999,999 + 1 Miles club is now the Parsons Step Club. We invite everyone to join and send in their total steps for the week to Mr. Bill on Mondays. The previous week's results will be posted in the Paw Print every Monday. Let's get moving!

Total Miles Walked Last Week: 379

Use your QR code reader app on your smartphone or iPad to scan this code.