TPACK Tuesday Update

Issue #1 - 9.28.2015: Welcome Back!

Why TPACK Tuesday?

What is TPACK?

TPACK = Technology+Pedagogy+Content Knowledge. When combined, these three knowledge bases provide a framework for technology integration in the classroom.

What is TPACK Tuesday?

It's a day to think and reflect about how technology can help elevate best practice instruction.

How can you do this?

  • Start by reading the weekly TPACK Tuesday Update email for tips on integrating technological knowledge into a lesson or unit.
  • Attend a TPACK Tuesday training session. Dates and times TBA soon!
  • Try something new. It doesn't have to be earth shattering - a little bit of tech integration can be transformational in redefining lessons and engaging students.
  • Share! If you tried something and it's awesome, share it with others. Tell your colleagues, tweet about it, take a picture and send it to me so it can be included in the newsletter. Share if something isn't awesome too - that's how we learn!

To learn more about TPACK in less than 2 minutes, watch the video below!

TPACK in 2 Minutes

Nearpod Signup

Nearpod is an interactive presentation and assessment tool that can be used to amazing effect in the classroom. The district is offering a paid subscription for teachers who would like to integrate Nearpod into their lessons.

If you would like to use Nearpod in your classroom, fill out this form by Friday October 1st for a district paid subscription. You will be contacted at a later date with your login information.

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