join us for SASSY SATURDAY!

A special March incentives for my first-line Stylists!

Will you be SASSY with our team?!?

I am so excited to roll out a fun, SASSY incentive for MARCH for my first line Stylists! Here's how it will work......We are going to have a fun Champagne Lunch at Lindeys with all who qualify! Here's how you qualify.....


*Sell $5000 retail in March


*Sell $3500 retail in March and sponsor 1 new Stylist who goes on to qualify or BOOK 2 Trunk Shows in the system to be held her first 30 days.


*Promote to STAR STYLIST in March!


*Earn Career PAY RANK of STAR STYLIST in March and sponsor 1 new Stylists to your team

And, to kick it up another notch........

You can win a BLOW OUT at the NEW JL Blow Dry Bar before the lunch by doing just a little bit more!


1. Sell $5,000 retail in March and Sponsor 2 new stylists who book 2 trunk shows in the system!

Don't live in Columbus, Ohio? NO WORRIES!

I want you to be SASSY, matter where you live!

Jump in the car, take a bike or train, or have miles... grab a cheap flight- DO it!!!
Join us for this fun day!

If not, I will treat you to a gift certificate to the SASSY lunch and/or dry bar in your area for equal value! And you and your team can sass it up too, and share photos with all of us!

*For all first line leaders, you are welcome to extend this incentive to your team at your expense. It would be fabulous!*

Sassy on Saturday 2013 tentative date.... Saturday, April 13th