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#Countdownwithcrosby Scavenger Hunt

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Each year hosts the NC Countdown to College. This program is intended to help students and parents find resources to help them complete RDS, FAFSA and College admissions applications. Crosby Scholars of Iredell County is here to help as well. We start sharing resources and information in middle school with students and parents to plan, set goals and then achieve those goals.

This year the NC Countdown to College is Oct 19 - 30 and we want YOU to COUNTDOWN WITH CROSBY! We have created a scavenger hunt to help you start thinking about college and share how Crosby Scholars has helped.

See the attached Scavenger Hunt Infographic. Complete any 5 of the items and submit by sending an email to to be entered in the $25 gift card drawing.

If you complete ALL of the activities listed you will be entered into a $50 Gift Card Drawing as well as the $25 gift card drawing.

We hope you discover Crosby Scholars has many resources to help you in your path to college. Have fun with this! Remember to use the #Countdownwithcrosby"

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Important Dates

October 1 - Scavenger Hunt Starts

October 15 - First Gift Card Drawing - DJ Cook is our first winner

October 31 - Scavenger Hunt Closes

November 1 - Final Gift Card Drawing - Neena Selvaraj winner

Email all entry submissions to