Turkey News

This country is Turkey. Turkey is located right below the Black Sea. It has mountains going through it called the Zagros Mountains. Turkey is a very dry land and may only get ten inches of rain per year.

Facts about Turkey

Fast facts about Turkey.

The center of Turkey is Anatolia. Also many severe earthquakes happen in Turkey every year. Turkey's population is 71.2 million people.

What are Turkey's main crops?

If you lived on a farm in Turkey you would most likely grow cotton, tobacco, fruits, and nuts for export. If you lived on the drier inland plateau then you would mostly grow wheat and barley to use at home.

Who were the Berbers?

The Berbers are some people who were known to first live in North Africa. The Berbers were the first ones to build there and stay there out of everyone. The word Berbers comes from the Latin word Barbarus.


Phosphate is the mineral salt used in fertilizers. Turkey when they would use fertilizers it would have some phosphate in it to make the soil very rich. They want to keep it rich so then they can plant all their crops in very rich soils.


Silt is the small particles in rich soil. Since in Turkey everytime they fertilize something it has phosphate in it to make the soil rich. Now since the soil is rich it will have many small silt pieces all around in the soil. Everytime you plant something or dig in the ground and you see silt that means it's very rich soil there.