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Steps of the order of operations

Step 1: Parentheses ( )

step 2: Exponents *

Step 3: Multiplication and division from left to right!!!

Step 4: Addition and subtraction from left to right!!!

The order of Operations intro

Hi,we're going to be learning about the order of operations.Were going to provide you with examples and helpful hints , so get ready to go on an adventure!!!!!!!!

Step by step

  • First look for parentheses ,if there are parentheses make sure you do whatever's in there first no matter what.
  • IF there are not any parentheses you go to the exponents , these are numbers that are above the bigger number.
  • If there are no exponents then do the multiplication and division first from left to right,add parentheses over the multiplication if there is not multiplication put them over the division.
  • The last step by step is if you do not have anything but addition and subbtraction you also do them from left to right .
Then our answers
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our example for Order Of Operations

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