Westwood Elementary Newsletter

April 2022

Hello Families!

Spring is in the air! Spring break is coming- are you ready? Our last day of school is April 14th and we return on April 25th. I hope that you take this time to enjoy the season (and hopefully nice weather), and your student(s).

Did you know we have a "Westwood Pledge" that our students say each morning?

We are special

We can learn

We can think for ourselves

We are good

We are loved

We want to remind our students every day how wonderful they are, and we hope you can help reiterate this at home.

On April 2 we’re hosting a community-wide open house event at the new school sites of: Ely, Eastern Heights, Hamilton, Northwood and Westwood. This is the first opportunity we’ve had to invite the public into the new schools, and we’re very excited to welcome residents to our beautiful new learning spaces. All five locations will receive guests from 9 a.m. to Noon and we hope you are able to come.

Please make sure you are following our procedures for drop off and pickup- there is one drop off line, and the detailed map is below. Please enter off Adelbert only; cutting through the parking lot and attempting to cut in line is not fair to everyone else. Also, please take your time, and in order to keep everyone safe, please do not speed through the lots. Cars should NOT be using the elementary circle as a drop-off/pick-up point; this is why we have started placing cones to block it off. We have put this plan in place to provide the safest route for our students; we ask that you please follow those directions while being kind to the adults at drop off and pickup. If you have any questions, please call the school at (440) 284-8002.

Save the date; May 19th. We will be having a family night here at Westwood Elementary, in the evening hours- more details to come. This will be for all of our students in grades K-4.

We hope you are staying well. Please remember that students should not come to school if they are showing ANY signs of illness, such as headache or fever, cough, sneezing, shortness of breath, stomachache, etc.

Thank you for staying connected with us, I appreciate us working as a team for our students.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Your Partner in Education,
Ms. Stacey Gatten

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Happenings this Month

April 1- Records Day- no school for students

April 2- Community wide open house 9am-noon- see flyer below

April 2- Sprig Craft and Vendor Fair 10am-3pm @ EHS- see flyer below

April 4- First Day of Quarter 4

April 6- Report cards come home

April 10- Sarris Fundraiser ends

April 12- PTO @ 3:30

April 13- Marcos Pizza Night

April 15- Spring Break Begins

April 25- School Resumes

April 29- Student Council Spirit Day "read my shirt"

Drop off and pick up procedures

Please be patient- drop off and pickup takes time.

Here are Four things we need you to do during drop off and pickup:

1. Please do not plan to arrive earlier than 8:55 for drop off in the morning.

2. Do not let students out of the car before 8:55, if you arrive early you will need to keep your student(s) in the vehicle with you.

2. In the afternoon, please do not plan to come before 3:00. This will cause a traffic backup.

3. Car riders can ONLY ENTER at Adelbert, at the current Middle School entrance. You can not enter for drop off or pickup using Griswold. See map below.

4. Once in the lot, please park closely to the car in front of you, as this will allow more cars to enter the lot, and not be in the street.

Doors open at 8:55am.

The tardy bell rings at 9:10am. Any student who arrives after 9:10am must enter through the main office and sign in.

We appreciate your help in keeping our students safe.

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Building Information-

School hours are 9:10am-3:10pm.

Doors do not open until 8:55- please do not drop off early or allow students to walk early.

If you are dropping off, please hold your child in the car with you until 8:55am.

Please call the office to report your child(ren)’s absence at 284-8002 before 9:30AM. Our phone has 24-hour voicemail so that you may call and leave a message anytime. Please leave a voicemail if no one answers the phone in the office; voicemails are frequently checked and the office will receive your message.

Please make sure you always have a photo ID with you, when you come to the school, this is for the safety of our students.

The Main Office of any school building is a hub of activity. Students and staff are always on the go, in and out of the space throughout the school day.

It’s an active place for regular check-ins and meetings with students, as well as staff conferences and daily interactions with school principals and counselors. The Main Office is also a confidential space at times for conversations and interactions between school personnel and students.

Parents and caregivers are part of the equation, too. For any number of reasons, parents may be asked to come to their child’s school during the day. When that happens, parents should follow the district’s visitor procedures by using the school’s main entrance buzzer and intercom system to gain entrance to the school, and then signing in at the front desk.

If parents/caregivers do not have a meeting at the school but still need to come to the school during the day to see their child or to speak to a staff member, call-ahead notice or an appointment is required.

This ensures parents will be seen in a timely manner and upholds the safety practices of the school. To contact the Main Office, please call 440-284-8002

Our school address is: Westwood Campus, 42350 Adelbert St, Elyria, OH 44035

Our phone number will stay the same: 284-8002

Firstview Bus information

First Student offers a live tracking app called FirstView that makes it easy for parents to follow the progress of their student's bus before and after school. This is helpful to allow you to see your students bus and in the event of a delay you could get the information quickly.

You can sign up here:


New School Open House

On April 2 we’re hosting a community-wide open house event at the new school sites of: Ely, Eastern Heights, Hamilton, Northwood and Westwood.

This is the first opportunity we’ve had to invite the public into the new schools, and we’re very excited to welcome residents to our beautiful new learning spaces.

All five locations will receive guests from 9 a.m. to Noon on Saturday, April 2.

We hope to see you then!

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Westwood is partnering with Sarris Candies for our spring fundraiser this year!

This fundraiser is all online and has just a few easy steps!

1. Visit www.sarriscandiesfundraising.com

2. Order online using our group ID which is 10-3913

3. It is important to order using your students FULL NAME so PTO can keep track!

4. Place order and Sarris will ship directly to your (or person’s ordering) door within 72 hours!

**Sale ends on 4/10/22. Top seller will win GRAND PRIZE courtesy of PTO and top classroom will win classroom party!

**PTO would like to make this as easy as possible so if you have any questions or need any help please contact Ashley Hayes or Taylor McAuliffe at westwoodespto@yahoo.com!

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News from our School Nurse

Now that it’s warming up outside-it’s time to get moving.

The Many Benefits of Exercise

Everyone can benefit from regular exercise. Active kids can have:

  • stronger muscles and bones

  • a lower chance of getting type 2 diabetes, and other health related issues

  • lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels

  • a better outlook on life

  • improved sleep and lower stress levels

Less Screen and Gaming Time

Too much screen time (television, smartphones, computers, tablets, and gaming systems) and not enough physical activity can add up.

One of the best ways to get kids to be more active is to limit the amount of time spent in sedentary activities, especially watching TV and using phones. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that parents:

Put limits on the time spent using media, which includes TV, social media, and video games. Media should not take the place of getting enough sleep and being active.

Limit screen time to 1 hour a day or less for children 5-10 years old. Choose high-quality programming and watch it with your kids to help them understand what they're seeing. Keep TVs, computers, tablets, phones, and video games out of children's bedrooms.

No screen time during meals.

How Much Exercise Is Enough

Parents and caregivers can help ensure that kids are active every day. In its Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends:

School-age kids and teens):

60 minutes or more of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily. This should include muscle-strengthening and bone-strengthening activities at least 3 days a week.

Activities to Keep the Whole Family Fit

  • Help your kids do a variety of fun age-appropriate activities like jump rope, dancing, hula hoop.

  • Set a schedule for physical activity, walk after dinner every night, walk the dog, bike etc.

  • Make being active a part of daily life, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking away from buildings, walking to a friend’s instead of driving.

  • Do sports on your gaming system as a family.

  • Be active together as a family and keep it fun, so your kids will come back for more.

  • Have everyone put down their phones/devices for at least 1 hour before bedtime to wind down.

Stay well.

Mrs. Rose Hess

School Nurse

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Parent nights with Dr. Barlow:

Parent nights with Dr. Barlow noted in the attached flyer. The registration link to include with the flyer is, https://forms.gle/4tAk3psymu1Dd8n16.

Preregistration runs through March 10.

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Food Service Survey

The Student ViewPOINT survey is Aramark’s platform to collect feedback from our K-12 students about their overall dining experience. The insights gathered will help us enhance our food service program to better meet student needs and expectations. We hope to better understand: top drivers for student dining decisions, favorite types of food & flavors, opportunities for improvement, preferred communication style & ordering preferences and overall satisfaction. For the first time, the survey has been extended to parents of elementary aged students to help us better understand our youngest consumers.

Parent/Student Survey HERE

Information is Just a Text Away!

Have you opted in to receive text messages from Elyria Schools?

It's a simple process and offers another avenue for instant information from the district.

The text feature lets us deliver information quickly to a large number of people at once. This is a valuable tool in an emergency or when there's important, time-sensitive information to share.

The service is free and opting in is easy.

Parents or guardians simply need to send a text message of “Y” or “Yes” to our district's short code number at 67587.

Just as simple, you can opt out at any time by replying to one of our messages with “Stop.”

The text feature and the robo-call system are tied directly a student's contact information that is on file with your child's school. Please make sure this information is kept up-to-date to ensure you continue receiving calls or texts from Elyria Schools.

Elyria City Schools Homepage

All the current and up to date information at a district level.

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