Onid ISD

Eco friendly insulation

  • Insulating Concrete Forms are cast-in-place concrete walls are sandwiched between 2 layers of insulation, providing excellent strength and insulation.

  • With Vacuum Insulation Panels a 1 in panel provides 7 times the insulation as traditional methods.

  • Plant-Based Polyurethane Rigid Foam is manufactured from bamboo and kelp. This rigid foam is generally used for surfboards, but is now being seen for its great insulation capabilities.

  • Straw Bales is the byproduct of the grain industry they can provide good insulation and last for hundreds of years if kept dry.

  • Earth by far the most abundant resource on the planet. Using rammed earth or adobe building techniques is a great natural insulator.

Eco friendly materials

  • Cool Roofing reflects heat from the sun and transfers less heat into the building, keeping the building cooler.

  • Low-E Windows are windows that have a clear coating of metallic oxide which keeps the heat inside during winter and the cold inside during summer.

  • Laser Lights in 10 years will begin replacing LED lights. It works on the same principle, except these can pump out 2,000 times as much light.

  • Recycled Steel will skip all the wood cutting by ordering customized steel beams and panels to fit a specific design.

Construction site

  • The site of the admin building is relatively flat, with a slight slope towards a creek for natural drainage.

  • At the location of the admin building, the ground level is about 600 ft. above sea level.

  • The area surrounding the admin is mostly covered with trees and foliage

  • The land is located in the Eastern Cross Timbers Soil region

  • Located nearby is a small creek that has created a flood zone


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