By: Brooklyn Sandusky

What is asthma?

Asthma is a lung disease that makes it hard for you to breath if your just being a little too active or have obesity. It makes air hard to get in and out of your lungs so you cant breath as well. The result of asthma is you start to get a choking sensation and start to run out of air like you are getting suffocated.

What causes asthma?

You can get asthma by your parents having asthma, allergic skin condition eczema, by having allergies, exposed to tobacco smoke, or people that are raised in a low-income environment. Environmental factors do play a role into the development of asthma. Such as pollution, ozone, cold temperatures, and high humidity. Most kids at the age of 5 start getting signs and symptoms of asthma.

What treatments can be given to people with asthma?

For asthma its a long-term disease that really has no cure but there is tools and medicine to help. Things that help with asthma are inhalers, avoiding asthma triggers, vitamin d, and medicines.


Some subgroups that get asthma are African Americans and people exposed to tobacco smoke. An important cause of asthma from African Americans is because of poverty. Also, tobacco smoke because if the smoke is around them they are most likely going to experience the coughing and shortness of breath that comes with asthma. Also, 73% of parents said their children got an asthma attack because of tobacco smoke.

How to prevent asthma

Ways you can prevent asthma is by breastfeeding your child when born, to have a large family, large intake of fruits and veggies, exercise, and having a healthy diet.


I have been learning about asthma, from how to prevent asthma to how things can give you asthma attacks. What I think of asthma is that its really dangerous and anything can happen at any moment whether you´re in gym class or you´re just walking and someone is smoking while walking past. I have learned that even if you have allergies, you could get asthma as well. I have also learned something I don´t think many people know, how you can prevent asthma. I learned you can prevent asthma by breastfeeding, and vaginal birth which I never would think could make you have asthma. But, it is a factor you have to consider because it could make a difference when having a child.
What is Asthma? - for Kids with Asthma

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