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April 2022

NBMS Wax Sculpture Garden

On April 27, the NBMS Theater Academy hosted the first ever Wax Sculpture Garden. The 8th grade academy students were the actors in the production, and the 7th grade students were the docents (tour guides). Ms. Keller, the Theater Academy teacher, was looking for an innovative way to host a production while abiding by Covid protocols, rather than the traditional on-stage play. She created an outdoor production where the students recited monologues based on a character they chose to portray. Prior to the production, they did extensive research and even wrote their own monologues. Students rehearsed for months by practicing tableaus (expressing emotions and a scene in a frozen pose) and it certainly paid off. Amazing job, Zebras!
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#NJSTEMTogether Communities Challenge

At the end of March, our own P-Tech Zebras came in 3rd place in a statewide STEM challenge coached by P-Tech's engineering teacher, Mr. Victor Alegria.

This is an annual challenge for New Jersey high school students to come together and design a solution for a problem that their community is facing. The guiding question for this year’s challenge was, "How can the students help make their community more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable by 2030 (UN Sustainable Development Goal #11)." The students' proposal was to build a bridge over the railroad that crosses New Brunswick (Van Dyke to Reed St.) in order to make the community more affordable, resilient, sustainable, and accessible.

Congratulations, Zebras.

Livingston's Flipgrid Championship

Livingston School and the Library Media Specialist, Mr. Rivera, would like to congratulate their Flipgrid Reading Champions for Grades K-5. The students competed to make the most engaging and creative video reviews utilizing Flipgrid. In five months, the students created over 1100 videos that were reviewed and condensed to a little over 800. There was a winner for every Grade Level K-5. There was one Grand Champion.

The rules were simple:

1. Introduce yourself - Say your name

2. Say the title of your book - Show your book

3. Why did you like the book? - Show your favorite parts of the book

4. Would you recommend the book to other students? - Will your friends like the book?

5. Say Bye, See You Next Time

Students figured out all the intricate features of Flipgrid from graphics, music, screencasting, etc. They became producers of their own content, which was amazing. Overall, students had to utilize critical thinking skills to explore, design, and create their content while exploring the app itself.

Click here to view the presentation and access the Flipgrids to enjoy the videos.

Congratulations to all the champions!

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First ever ZebraTalk!

On March 30th, we held our very first Zebra Talk. Mr. Rudy Peralta, NBHS Class of ‘02 and now Assistant Athletic Director for Support Services at Rutgers University visited our students.

Mr. Peralta shared his inspiring story and how he overcame challenges in finding his passion. His story is one of determination and resilience. We look forward to many more NBPS alumni joining our Zebra Talks and connecting with our students.
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Tech-Tip for Teachers!

Pageless Feature on GoogleDocs

"You can now experience a new way to work with documents that is built for the screen! Pageless format allows you to remove the boundaries of a page to create an infinite surface to work on.

In this setting, there are no page breaks, images adjust to your screen size, and wide tables are viewable by scrolling left and right. Line breaks for text will adjust to screen size and as you zoom in and out.

Within a document, navigate to File > Page setup to switch between pages (the default format) and pageless (the new format). Changes to this setting are document-specific: everyone who interacts with your document will see it, but changing the setting for one document won’t impact other documents you own.

For pageless documents, you can choose a personal custom text width of narrow, medium, or wide. This setting will apply to all pageless documents you view, but won’t affect what other users see. The default setting is narrow text width, and you can change it by navigating to View > Text width while on a pageless document.

Some features are not available on pageless docs: columns, page numbers, headers and footers, page breaks, etc. If your document contains elements like footnotes, headers and footers, or watermarks, and it is converted to pageless, those elements will not be visible. To view the content again, switch the document setup back to pages." (Google)

Google Docs Pageless

Technology Reminders

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