iPad News for Chesterbrook 815

News that is fit to print.


To understand, review, and show the Apple apps of Pages,Keynote,and Numbers and give example of each.

To make connections to SAMR and reflect on how you are moving through the SAMR continuum in your classroom through blogging and book rorys.

To introduce and model two apps to support the integration of technology in order to create a lesson/activity using the apps to share with your colleagues

Pages, Keynote, Numbers

Pages has become an easy way to spread the word on what is going on in our classrooms.Using Keynote instead of PowerPoint livens up a presentation.Numbers has mmade some Math tasks more interesting.

Sardor's Keynote

Below is a Keynote that Sardor's made. It is another example of how we are climbing the SAMR ladder. The Keynote was an extension, as it were, to the everyday book report.That along with a blog changed the entire assignment.
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How are we using in the classroom? Turn to a colleague and tell them what you do!


There are many websites out there, weebly.com, kidblog, just to name a couple. . When using it in the classroom ,it can directly be related to SAMR. Mrs. Wells class has been blogging.Check out this article at langwitches.com/blog.
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Educreation-You can create video lessons that are easy to share-add your voice too.Students can access at any time.There are also video lessons that are already created that you can use in your classroom.
Stitch- Do you have an idea? Use Skitch to snap it, mark it up, and then send. Use it to mark up photos, annotate photos/pdf's, share and label diagrams and maps.

Practice time

You and your partner explore one of the apps and create! (In Educreations I created a graph and had the kids practice perimeter and area.)

More apps and other things

Google docs-Google docs.com- create documents- work with writing skills.Some good ideas for Writer's Workshop.

Write About this- apps for stuggling writers.

Bill Nye the Science Guy- who doesn't love Bill Nye?

Diane Von Furstenberg says

" The iPad! What is better designed than that? I can read magazines on it, I play Scrabble. I use it for everything."