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Feb. 3, 2016

Our First Twitter Book Chat

Twenty- eight educators, from North Posey and Mt. Vernon, gathered together in TwitterLand at #MVeLearn last Wednesday for our first, Twitter chat! We discussed the introduction to Teach Like A Pirate. Thanks to those of you who joined and are beginning to build, or extend, your Personal Learning Network (PLN). Among those joining us was THE PIRATE HIMSELF, Dave Burgess! Although his visit was short, we were delighted to have him drop into our chat!

Another visitor to our chat was John Wells from Reitz. His visit was also short, but your tweets and our #MVeLearn group made an impression on him. YOU inspired him to talk about what you are doing in his weekly Podcast series. See and listen to it below (approx 2.5 mins)

Also below, you'll find an archive of our first Twitter Book Chat. Click on it if you'd like to reread the transcript

We look forward to seeing you tonight as we discuss Passion and Emersion (pages 3-18)! It begins at 8:00! The Twubs link is Remember to use the hashtag #MVeLearn.
Using Your Teacher Voice | Episode 15-2 - Their First Steps
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Mr. Hubbard modeling PASSION and IMMERSION...Teaching Like a Pirate!

Humbled.....and a Hats Off!

I have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time lately with some very precious kindergarteners and second graders. Five kindergarteners, yes, just 5, in a computer lab, is all it took to take this veteran teacher DOWN! I was thinking, been there , done that, piece of cake, when reality hit me smack dab in the face! These five precious students reminded me of the challenges of teaching that grade level. If you haven't visited one of these classrooms, or even if it has been a while for you, I suggest you take a few and visit one of our elementary buildings. The music these conductors ( Allison, Staib, Crissup, Snow, Landolt, Parker, as well as MANY others) make from the orchestras they have, is AMAZING! Hats off to all of our amazing conductors in our early grades.

How are you making music? How about we all visit another classroom/grade level so we can understand the orchestras and the music that sounds so beautiful in our district?

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