Spiny Dogfish Shark

Emily McGuire

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Classification: animal, chordate, chondrichthyes, squaliformes, squalidae, spurdog, squalus acanthias

Life Span: ranges from 25-100 years

Habitat: They live worldwide across the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Ocean


  • Lateral line- a line of the sharks that can detect pressure and vibration.
  • Gills- where the animal gets it oxygen to breathe from extracting water.
  • Heart- pumps the blood through the animal.
  • Kidney- organ that form survive and many other things to help you survive.
  • Claspers- set of appendages onthe bottom of mail sharks. used to told females during mating.
  • Esophagus- tube that connects the throat to the stomach.
  • Stomach- pear shape, where main digestion of food occurs.
  • Liver- protects the stomach and creates bile.
  • Gallbladder- sack where bile is stored in liver, until it goes into the intestine.
  • Pancreas- gland behind stomach that controls blood sugar.
  • Small Intestine- absorbs nutrients and finishes chemicla digestion.
  • Large Intestine- removes any unneeded water and gets the waste ready to come out.
  • Rectum- where solid waste is stored