Restaurant business

Why restaurant business fail & What is the best solution

Restaurant business failure

Many restaurant businesses have opened and gone. The reason of restaurant business fail is all about how you manage business. According to Lorri Maeley in "The ten common reason why business fail; location, owner who do not work, hiring poor management, not paying taxes, bad customer service, not watching your cash flow, keeping pay roll to high, not advertising, not understand food cost and spend too much money before opening day" The business needs marketing strategy the owner should have some knowledge about it because just only good food it's not enough for competition with other restaurant.

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Toronado Restaurant - SDG&E Small Business Success Story

How to success in restaurant business

Before you open restaurant you should know about food, kitchen system, make sure your financial and choose the right location. The excellent service is always help to success business. Also advertising, marketing and cost control. The staff training is important thing to do and remember small step can help to save money.

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Kevin Boehm Shares His Secrets to Success within the Restaurant Industry | Project Captured


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