Thank you for hosting a Party!

I'm so excited to party with you!

I'm so glad you're hosting a Jamberry Party!

While an online Facebook party means we won't be getting to sit down and talk face to face, I have put this together for you. It has all the information you need to be a successful Hostess! My goal is to first and foremost have FUN with you and your friends in the format of a Facebook group! As a result, we should be able to get some good sales resulting in some great hostess rewards! The focus of my parties are education so that everyone can learn about our amazing product! By the end of this party, I want everyone to know everything there is to know about Jamberry Nail Wraps, so they can fall in love with this product, too! And, on top of hostess rewards you make from sales, you'll also get a %50 off coupon for every party booked through yours!

Your hostess packet is on it's way!

I have dropped your hostess packet in the mail so you should receive it shortly! In it you will find the following:

  • Catalogs & Order Forms - If you collect $150 in orders you will be able to get free shipping so you will want to engage interest on that. You would just charge people the cost of the wrap and include tax on that. Be sure to let them know if they Buy 3 they get 1 free! Once you have collected all in-person orders (usually at the end of your FB party), you will go online and place the order and have it shipped directly to you. Shipping normally takes 5-10 business days but lately it has been much quicker. If you have a friend paying via check, you can have them write it to you. I wouldn't recommend having them pay you via credit card since it only allows you to apply one credit card at check out.
  • Your party booking prize and samples - You will want to be sure to put these on right away and show them off to everyone!! It's even smart to carry a sample on you as you never know who you will run into who will fall in love with your nails! Be sure to post a photo on your personal page before the party so everyone can see what the party you're hosting is all about.. and also post one in the party once we get started! Feel free to post an update as to how they look at day 5 or 7 or whatever makes sense to you so everyone can see how they hold up!

Three ways to a successful online Party!

Meet your Consultant!

HI! I'm Shawna! I'm 22, wife and mother of 1. I drink more coffee than a Gilmore and I'm obsessed with Jamberry Nail Wraps! For the entire week of your party, I'm all yours! Feel free to ask me questions, pick my brain! If you have any concerns I'd be happy to help with anything you may need! Contact me anytime!