Mrs. Dearmon's Rockin' Fourth Grade

May 31 - June 3rd

Important Updates

  • You will be receiving an email soon about our end of the year cookout on June 14th. The grade level room moms are taking care of this, but money will be collected to pay for the lunch.

  • Our end of the year raffle is quickly approaching. Please consider donating items for the raffle. The students have lots of husky bucks to bid with. The raffle will be Thursday, June 16th. Summer type items would be great! (color books, crayons, puzzle books, bubbles, beach balls, etc.)

What is Going on This Week in Curriculum?


We are finished with math class, but will continue to incorporate math throughout the next three weeks.

Reader's Workshop

  • We will be completing our final newspaper this week.

  • We will also be doing some small group work to finish our novels that we started before SOL review and testing.

  • Next week we will begin a whole class novel to finish the school year.

Writer's Workshop

  • We will be completing a Daily Language week with a quiz on Tuesday and another week of DLR with a quiz on Friday.

  • This week we will be drafting, editing/revising, and writing our final copies of our final writing prompt of the year.


  • Tuesday we will review the process of photosynthesis. The students are also doing an in class poster on the process and will receive a test grade for this poster.

  • There will be a photosynthesis quiz using IA on the computer Wednesday. I have placed some videos and items on Edmodo.

  • Wednesday we begin our next unit which is on Virginia's resources. We will cover natural resources, man-made resources, water resources, and our watershed.

  • There will be another IA computer quiz on Friday covering resources and watershed.

Virginia Studies

  • No more Va. Studies!!!