The History of the Universe

By: Haile Mokrzycki

The Big Bang

About 13 billion years ago, an expansion started our universe. This was called "The Big Bang" (very misleading name if you ask me). It was the beginning of time, space, matter, and energy. There's very good evidence showing the Big Bang Theory did take place.

Hadean Era

During this era, the Earth, in molten form, and the moon were created. The sun ignited and our solar system took shape. The Earth began to form a solid crust.

Archean Era

After the Hadean Era is the Archean Era. Some major events that took place include:

  • The Earth's Ocean formed
  • First cell: prokaryotes, single-celled bacteria
  • Marine Photosynthesis begins

Proterozoic Era

ll breathes deeply, in and out ll

Glad that oxygen exists! But it didn't happen until the Proterozoic Era. Eukaryotes and multicellular organisms came to life. Photosynthesis on land started here. The Cambrian Explosion? Yours truly, the Proterozoic Era. It was the birth of many new animals and organisms. But it was also the mass extinction of them (three times! that's pretty bad, but don't worry the story of our universe gets better!).

Mesozoic Era

Yay....more extinction.

The Mesozoic Era was SUPPOSED to be the beacon of hope. Instead, MORE DEATH.

But, on the brighter side, we got animals and lots of em!

(that died in the mass extinction)

(way to look on the bright side.....)

Cenozoic Era

Okay, one more extinction because of comet impact and massive extinction will leave Earth alone!

Thank God!

Now in this era, we got some cool ice fish and Ardipithecus Ramidus, the closest fossil to chimp-human ancestors. Then later, some monkeys.....ooooo, and evidence of using stone tools. And next, Homo Habilis, homo Neandertalensis, and homo sapiens. Sooner, we got some clothes.

More time passes and we're evolving! Learning how to read and write, take baths, learn languages. Today, we are in this era. And we're still growing! Who knows what lies ahead?