Arama The Worthless Child

By: Jaylan Jones

The Father Of Arama

On a normal day on Mount Olympus. The home of many Greek Gods. Zeus wanted to check on his youngest daughter Arama. He had been looking down, from Mt. Olympus to the mortal world. (The only reason Arama is in the mortal world is, because her mom was a mortal. Which makes Arama a semi-God) Zeus has never met Arama, although he knew she existed.

Arama's Walk

Arama had been walking down a very long street. This street had many flowers , Arama loved flowers. Any flowers she could put her hands on she would get it. Arama had been on the search for apples. The street had ended, and she came across a field. This field had very many crops. Zeus had saw a familiar sign. The first person he thought of was Hades. Hades was the ruler of the Underworld.

Zeus's Decison

Zeus didn’t want to allow Arama to be dragged down to the Underworld like Persephone. Zeus tried to quickly warn her. He didn’t want anything to happen to his baby girl. To warn her Zeus mad it pour rain. You would think that would give her a sign to go home, but she wanted the apples. Arama was not going to resist getting the apples.

The Protection Plan

Since Arama was most likely staying there, Zeus had to take matters into his own hands. Zeus transformed himself into a rain droplet. Zeus unexpectedly clashed into one of Hade’s signs. There was Hade’s.

The Battle

Immediately they began to battle. Hade’s had made a nearby underwater volcano erupt. Hade’s had planned to capture Zeus and Arama. Zeus was not going to let that happen. Zeus was furious and irritated. He told Arama to stand back. Zeus forcefully dragged all the lighting to his hands. He quickly shot them like arrows. Purposely aimed at Hade’s face.

The Deal

Zeus almost killed Hade’s. That was really Zeus’s expectation. Hade’s life flashed before his eyes. Zeus immediately made a deal with Hade’s. Zeus told Hade’s to stay in the Underworld and to never come back. Hade’s gave a smirk as if he was certainly coming back.

Hade’s said “Deal!”.

The Fate

Before Arama could say anything to her father he was gone like lightning. Arama was very surprised. She had never met her father. She didn’t have the slightest idea on who they were. She ran quickly home, and never returned.