why do people bully

stop bullying now

ignore bullying

Well the basics are like this

tell them you don't like it

walk away

or get help from a trusted adult

the types of bullying are

cyber bullying

verbal bullying

physical bullying

social bullying

First lets talk about cyber bullying that's a type of bullying where

someone bully's you on the internet.

For example say your in America and someone is bullying you in Canada by using

the internet

second lets talk about verbal bullying. verbal bullying is when someone calls you

mean names.

for example pretend your at school someone comes up to you and tells your

ugly or weird.

third lets talk about physical bullying. physical bullying is when someone

purpusly hits you.

for example say your at school and your playing at recess then someone

come up to you and hits ,punches you.

now last lets talk about social bullying. social bullying is when people bully

in a group.

for example say your at school and 3 people come and make fun

of you.

now you have learned about all the types of bullying

and the definition.

remember bullying hurts

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