"He who opens a school door closes a prison"-Victor Hugo

By: Chetan Immanneni

What is the problem?

More than 72 million (and counting) children are being deprived of more than a primary education, thousands more are not even learning the "numbers in math". Students in numerous locations were once 100 percent illiterate, now society has raised enough funds for students to pass through a basic primary education. Although this education is somewhat effective it will still not break the "poverty cycle" that is going on today.

Why should we make a change?

Lots of children are just receiving a basic education and still continuing the "poor cycle" of life. Lots of other children are quitting school and some are joining forces, this is because some children are receiving wrong education about what they must do. All of us should be very fortunate to even have school, and have a sense of correct knowledge. With our help they can also share some of our knowledge and resources, creating a large boosting economy for all.

So Let Us change the world one classroom at a time.

This is not the end!

There are many places in which you can help, but UNICEF is one place that is hundred percent non-profit and delivers education to those who really are deficient of education.
Please Make A Change. This donation will also go to people in the world who are really needy, and people who want another life.

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